A Spirit of Self Pity

Jesus came to mend broken heart!

Self-Pity, is a spirit that will bind you to your hell of your past as if with super glue and not allow you to go on to the future. That is the purpose of self-pity to not fulfill the calling the Lord has for you.

Accusing spirits will accompany Self-pity and hold you fast – into feeling so sorry for yourself that life no longer works for you. So, it is essential to let go of the past if we are to move into a new future potential of liberty in Christ. Otherwise, you are stuck not able to move forward to the things Christ has preordained you to be.

Demons usually come in groups, not just one at a time, and the one who gains entrance, helps the others to come in. When self pity speaks, it can lead to defeatism coming in, which then leads to the downward spiral of depression, and feeling worthless and despairing. Feeling worthless and despairing can also then lead to all sorts of bondage’s– alcohol, sex, drugs, overeating, anorexia because of feelings of being worthless.

Not only that, if you are sick, will not allow you to be well mentally. When your mind is sick, then your body can start to decay – the mind, body and soul connection. Everything is connected. Every negative thought releases negative chemicals producing disease.

Self-pity must be surrendered to God for God to miraculous heal you -healing your wounded heart. One of the most effective ways to destroy the habit of feeling sorry for one’s self, is first of all to focus on God. Look at his creation and praise him. Several ways to surrender self-pity:

Choose a favor ate scripture of promise of God’s word for you.

Many times unforgiveness is the key holding self pity into place. That means doing what the word says and letting go and forgiving those who have hurt you.

Self pity often then leads to unforgiveness, anger and hatred, resentment, rebellion of all sorts, even a murderous and bitter broken heart.

Self pity can be broken by taking the time to praise the Lord for the smallest of things. Having a grateful heart.

Self-pity can be a spiritual stronghold of thinking and might need more help such as deliverance prayers. Jesus came setting the captives free from generational curses, bondage’s, demon possession, etc.

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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