Break Generational Curses of Freemasonry

Breaking Generational Curses

Curses from Satan always involve demon spirits. When a curse is placed, demons are sent to a specific person or family. The curse is a sending mechanism, and the spirits bring about the fulfillment of the curse.There are several sources of curses, for example:

  • sins of the forefathers,
  • dedication to Satan,
  • bringing cursed objects into a home,
  • giving honour to demon gods,
  • touching Satan’s territory, and
  • Sin opens the door for curses*

*A curse can be involked by disobedience to God’s principles, commands and statutes, i.e. rebellion towards God and/or involvement in idolatry or the occult.

Freemasonry curses involve many of these facets.

Curses also come with words or oaths.  Curses are the observable out-workings of evill, negative patterns, in people’s lives; in other words, the opposite of the blessings of God (Deut. 28).

As a curse is undone, all the demonic spirits associated with the curse needs to be commanded to leave.

Curses bring barrenness, sickness, poverty, defeat, oppression and family breakdown.  A person’s life, for example, may have a history of disappointment and tragedy.  Marriages may be under constant strain.  There may be recurrence of accidents and illnesses.  Cherished goals may not materialise, and the haunting sense of failure may be evident.  wE may even struggle continually against an unidentifiable “something” which brings endless frustration.  The cause is often a curse working.

A “legitimate” curse is when a persons deliberately give themselves to Satan and the power of darkness.  Legal right are handed over.  Satan is empowered to act, and the curse takes effect.  It can only be broken when that handing over is revoked, and the covenant with Satan is specifically renounced.

An “illegitimate” curse is when a person pronounces evil upon another person without their knowledge or consent.  The same thing can then apply.

Curses have to be broken in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazareth, our Curse Destroyer.

Christians need to know that our inheritance of freedom is not authomatic.  It has to be appropriated.  Only then can we be released into the fullness of our blessing in Christ.

Freemasonry curses of death and destruction can affect you and your family:

  • emotionally
  • mentally
  • spiritually
  • psychologically
  • physically
  • in career and employment
  • financially
Many oaths are taken in Freemasonry at different levels.  The first 3 levels curses your mind and body of a person opening the door to bondage to demons and to the organization.  It is a very secretive organization.  However, every participant in this craft comes under its spiritual bondage.  What belongs to the movement belongs to all of its entrants.  That is the nature of spiritual kingdoms.
Just the first 3 levels puts a lot of curses on your family.

Fruit of Masonic Curses

1. The man’s wife becoming increasingly lonely and angry as the husband is apparently continually ‘out with the boys’.
2. The wife and children open to spiritual attack, and nightmares.
3. The wife can have feelings of insecurity and creepiness while her husband is at the Lodge meeting.
4. Alienation within the family.
5. Children disobedient and hard to control.
6. Restlessness, mental confusion.
7. Financial problems.
8. Covert sexual deviancy and frigidity.
9. Mistrust and lack of compassion.
10. Physical ailments especially in the three main areas connected to the Masonic oaths, which open a man and his family up to demonic influence i.e. Throat cutting – pulmonary area; chest ripping – cardio-vascular area; stomach slitting – bowels and related organs.

Renounce Masonic Curses Shorter Prayer:

repeat after you:

2. “I renounce the spirit of Freemasonry with all its oaths, secrets and curses.

3. “I renounce every ancestral spirit of Freemasonry in my family line.

4. “I confess Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.”

(At this point, stop and ask candidate if they are truly born-again. If not, lead them in the sinner’s prayer found at the back of this book, or one of your own involving:

a) Repentance from sin
b) Believing that the Lord Jesus Christ died for me
c) Receiving Him into my life now and confessing this with my lips. Romans 10:9-10.

5. For those in, or who have taken the oath for, the first degree – “I renounce the spirit of the Entered Apprentice Degree as taken by me (my father, my grandfather, etc). I renounce all these curseswith the oaths in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I reject the cutting of the throat, and the tearing out of the tongue. This no longer belongs to me.”

For those in, or who have taken the oath for, the second degree – “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce the oath and the curses of the second degree as taken by (insert name). I reject the tearing open of the chest, and the ripping out of the heart. This curse no longer belongs to me.”

For those in, or who have taken the oath for, the third degree – “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce all the curses connected with the oath of the third degree. I reject the slitting open of the stomach, the tearing out of the bowels and the burning of them to ashes.”

I reject the demonic name Ma Ha Bone.

I reject the spirit of death from the death blows to the head.

I reject falling into the stretcher and observing the death symbols.

I reject the blasphemous kissing of the Bible, on a witchcraft oath.

I reject the spirit behind a false resurrection. Only Christ rose from the dead of His own free will.

For those in, or who have taken the oath for, the Royal Arch degree “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce the false, secret name of God.

I reject Jah Bul On as the demonic monster that he is.

He is not the living and true God.

The God that I worship is the Lord.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is my God and my Father through the new birth.

I renounce with my lips, any other subsequent oath or curse taken by …. and I confess that Lucifer will go to the lake of fire where he will burn forever.

My Lord Jesus Christ is in heaven from whence He will reign forever over all – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Leader, then invite candidate to breathe out gently, long breaths. As he continues like this, leader should speak to the spirits –

a) “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ whom I serve, I speak to the spirit of the Entered Apprentice degree. Come out on the breath and set…..(insert name) free in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus, I break this oath and this curse over …..’s (insert name) life and pronounce him/her free.

b) I come against the spirit of the second degree in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I break the oath and the curses of the second degree in Jesus’ Name. You are no longer welcome here – come out on the breath.

c) I speak to the demonic spirit of the third degree with the oath and the curses. I release …..(insert name) from these cursed things, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Set him/her free now. His/her body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. You have no right to be in him/her. Leave on the breath, now in Jesus’ Name. Spirit of death, leave him/her.

d) In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come against the false name of God. Jah Bul On is false. You devil, come out in Jesus’ Name. I set this man/woman free in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. What God hath cleansed, let no man call unclean. Praise the Lord!”

You may also need to pray over his/her family.

by: Traci Morin, Ordained Minister, Teacher, Christian Public Speaker, and Servant Gospel of Jesus Christ

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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Traci Morin’s Healing Testimony – 13 diseases healed. My heart is to teach and see others recover themselves from the snares of the enemy especially from a broken heart that compromises the immune system fighting disease as well as how to get free from the clutches of the devil especially mind control, curses, witchcraft, etc. I had a generational curse assignment of death on my life that activated every time I tried to get close to the Lord


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