Breaking Masonic Curses

Breaking Masonic Curses Effects from the curses of Freemasonary

Was your family involved in Freemasonry or Eastern Star?

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Masons are connected with Rosicrucians, and Knights Templar. There is an immense amount of cross-pollination between the Illuminatti and Freemasonry. Masonry is connected to witchcraft in a spiritual pyramid. The Devil takes the weak and ignorant and opens them to the door to the occult. Pre-marital sex, abortion, illegal drug use, and dabbling in the occult and satanism by children of Masons is a by-product of their parents following idolatry.

Masons are present day Druids. Worship of the phallus is indicated by circle and point within circle.

Square and compass symbolize the human reproductive organs, locked in coitus.  In fact, during the rituals, the sharp point (of a compass or a dagger) is placed on their chest. Someone then asks, “Who comes?” to which candidate states “A poor, blind beggar looking to move from darkness to the light of Freemasonry.”   What comes in, curses that curse your body …(the chest/lung/heart area).

The origin of Masonic Oaths is identical to Hindu Temple worship.  When you take an oath, you come under a great deception and are blinded.

At the first degree level which is as far as many masons get, they call upon themselves and their families terrible curses.

The Masonic occult religion depends heavily upon Kabbalism, which is Jewish occultism that flowered during the Middle Ages (thirteenth century AD). Even the famous Mason Albert Pike confesses that “the Kabbalah is the key to occult sciences” and he claims that “all Masonic associations owe to it [Kabbalism] their Secrets and their symbols.”

Those within Freemasonry whether known or unknown, actually perform occult rituals when they invoke the gods of pagan religions (which are actually demons according to I Cor. 10:19-20). Therefore, the gods of the Hindu, Egyptian, Muslim, Buddhism religions are in fact demons. And when you dabble in the occult with the symbols and ritual, you invoke demons to your aid. Flight Deals

Rosicrucians – The Rosicrucians are a legendary and secretive order dating from the 15th or 17th century, generally associated with the symbol of the Rose Cross, which is also used in certain rituals of the Freemasons. Several modern societies have been formed for the study of Rosicrucianism and allied subjects, but in no sense are they directly derived from the “Brethren of the Rosy Cross” of the 17th century, though they are keen followers thereof.

First Degree

Renounce Hoodwink – and its effects on emotions and eyes, including all confusion, fear of the dark, fear of the light, and fear of sudden noises. Hidden meaning: A blindfold which is a symbol of secrecy; mystical darkness. “Hood” goes back to old German and Anglo Saxon, in which it referred to head covering, as in hat, hood, helmet, etc.; “wink,” in the same languages, meant to close the eyes, “wench,” “wince,” etc., being similarly derived. A hoodwink was therefore a headdress designed to cover the eyes. The popular use of the word is believed to go back to the old sport of falconry, once so popular, in which the falcon had a hood over its eyes until ready to strike at its prey.

Renounce Noose around the neck – the fear of choking and also every spirit causing asthma, hayfever, emphysema, or any other breathing difficulty.

Renounce Compass point, sword, spear or poignyard, held against the breast – the fear of death by stabbing pain, and the fear of heart attack. Meaning: A mathematical instrument for dividing and drawing circles; an instrument indicating the magnetic meridian.

Secret word BOAZ – it causes a person mixing and mingling of truth and error. Meaning: Comes from the Hebrew meaning “in strength.” The name of the left-hand pillar that stood on the porch of King Solomon’s Temple, and adopted into speculative Masonry because of its symbolic meaning. It was broken to pieces by the Babylonians and carried to the city of Babylon.

Pray, In the name of Jesus Christ, I now pray for healing of the throat, vocal chords, nasal passages, sinus, bronchial tubes, lungs, heart, eyes, and any other parts which may have been or may become effected. I pray for healing in the speech area, and the release of the Word of God to me and through myself and members of my family.

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by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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