Broken Heart Negative Thoughts DNA Changed

Negative Thoughts Changes DNA – Part 4

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DNA on the inside.

If you have been repeatedly verbally abused by someone at work, or if you were sexually abused as a child, all the thoughts associated with those experiences will release negative chemicals.

These chemicals can change the shape of the receptors on cells lining your heart, thereby increasing your susceptibility to cardiovascular illness.

The hypothalamus is the heart of your hormonal system and it responds to the hypocampus to release the to the emotions attached to the thought.

The to be a true responder to your emotional state. It is the reason that a toxic thought life can destabilize your brain and create a frenzy of broken feedback loops, disrupting the natural flow and balance of chemicals in your brain. This in turn will affect your emotional and physical state.

The answer the world gives for people suffering from mental and physical health problemsis “happy pills” – pharmaceutical drugs aimed at trying to change the brain’s chemistry and make us feel good. Chemicals related to the hypothalamus can claim tree-like branches at each dendrites via the five. synapses (small chemical gaps) between neurons that form interconnected neural circuits.

Whenever you think, whether your thoughts are toxic or not, you build a memory (information) on your thought trees, the left side of your brain and one on the right side.  The more you think, the more you understand. The more focused and aware your thinking, the more this synergy will occur, and the stronger the memory you will build. This literally means that the branches of the thought trees become firmly attached.

If you pay only brief attention to the content of your thoughts, your thinking will be on a lower level, with less.

Synergy going on
The memory you build in your thought trees will be correspondingly weak. It will be pruned off when you sleep by vacuum cleaners called glial cells. This is what it means to forget. Little Glial cells are so essential to brain functioning that your neurons would not be able to work properly without them.

They provide all the support, resources and backup, including the nourishment and protection your neurons need to do all that hard work in receiving, analysing, processing and storing of information. Glial cells also operate as your cleaners generated by the thought trees. So the glial cells in effect sort out your thinking.

They can’t do a good job unless you think clearly


They dispose of waste material. Faith and fear are spiritual forces with chemical and electrical representation in the body.

How can you have faith, peace with God, and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God in your sufferings and tribulations if you have a broken heart. You cannot! If you have a broken heart, again, you will believe the lies of the enemy telling you lies that are opposite to God’s word.

Jesus didn’t say that bad things were not going to happen to you, but He did give you the tools through the Gospel of Christ to be healed.

In Psalms 147:3, Scripture states, speaking of God: “He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds“. Hebrews 4:14-16 states Jesus lived a life of sorrows and understood how to heal the broken heart!

We all deal with unfinished business and unresolved issues; time doesn’t necessarily heal old wounds of abuse; healing is slow and arduous.

How do you know if you have a broken heart? Read the list below. A person with a deep broken heart struggle in many of the areas listed below:

• Cannot understand the things of God. Don’t think God loves you like He loves others.

• Develops Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and many other diseases to follow.

• Inability to Recognize God’s Presence.

• Cannot bring forth good things in their lives. They seem to have more things go wrong than good.

• Not being blessed financially even when they give tithes. Not able to stand until your crop comes in (financially).

• Has a hard time reading the word and meditating on the word.

• Living in mental pain and trapped or preoccupied with the past. Dwelling on negative events.

• Will seem spiritually asleep and spiritually immature.

• Struggles understanding teaching.

• People in authority that hurt them and did not love them and have a trust problem.

• They go by feelings and cannot go by faith.

• Come across as a negative person and have chronic hostility, sarcasm, and cynicism, critical and judgmental of others.

• Will be caught up in works instead of grace meaning being performance oriented to prove their worth.

• Has a hard time receiving love from others or love themselves.

• Will have a history of seeing psychologist, etc. and even problems with thoughts of suicide.

• They will be negative about everything and not able to see anything positive and will lack peace and joy. History of depression and other mental disorders.

• Will have more things go wrong in their lives.

• Will not know their identity in Christ and know your promises in Him especially during trials and hear the truth but cannot hold onto the truth.

• Not able to keep God’s commandments and will have trouble with sin. Prone to adultery and pornography and want to feel love and feel better. Possibly other addictions to food and people such as codependency!

• Will be fearful.

• Will have physical ailments that seem to not go away.

• You will not be able to get rid of your anger and have fits of anger and rage when feeling rejected.

• Will view himself or herself as the sufferer and want self-pity from others.

• Will blame others by holding others responsible for the misery in their life.

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by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

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