Charismatic Witchcraft – Video

Charismatic Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the control of others, imposing one’s will upon them, usually for a negative result. It is bondage to the victim.

Four areas of Charismatic Witchcraft used to produce a spiritual result:

domination, intimidation, manipulation, control and emotional blackmail.

I Domination

Pharisees are an easy example to use, as those who desire to build their little kingdoms, rather than the kingdom of God; and they did indeed use domination of the people in the time of Jesus. The Pharisees do not approach the Lord from a pure, but selfish heart. Some people don’t have a concern for what the Lord wants, but are far more interested in what they want.

This self-centered attitude has destroyed many churches, and taken down many men of God. People will use charismatic witchcraft to get their way in the local body, many of them are troublemakers who travel from one church to another if they can’t get what they want, and they leave in their wake a large number of innocent victims who are confused and hurting. Most are Jezebel spirits who wish to control and manipulate others. The idea is to destroy the work of God, and establish Satan’s (or man’s ) plan.

Charismatic Witchcraft Video


II Intimidation

They make people feel small or insignificant, and to cause those onlookers to feel they must join in or else they are ignorant, and somehow siding with the other side.

The Holy Spirit guides people into all truth. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to people, and when we usurp His authority, we step into charismatic witchcraft and will use intimidation. People get into witch hunts in an attempt to intimidate their prey, replacing God with themselves, in the guise of defending the truth through this intimidation.

Intimidation comes from a position of authority, and the usage of that authority to accept what is said or done, or condone what is said or done.

example: The Pharisees try to show up the Lord by using their authority, as if their authority was “better” than the authority that Jesus walked in.

They use guilt, or threat rejection, to make people submit.  The people submit because of a spirit of fear of man or people pleasing spirit.

III Manipulation

Manipulation: the use of a position or a power to dictate how the outcome will end, removing the Holy Spirit from being the convictor and Judge, and manipulating to build one’s own fame or kingdom.

More witch hunts come from someone’s interpretation rather than the whole context of Scripture, and when pride and the human factor is added, there is certainly much manipulation used. It is done with the smile on one’s face, as they misquote Scripture, and misuse Scripture, to justify their hunt.

They exegete the Scriptures correctly, and then turn around and misapply them, the results are still the same, and the witch hunts continue.


many modern preachers on TV twist scripture to manipulate people out of their money, and promise miracles that never happen.  Using supposed spiritual gifts to manipulate others.

lying…..:the holy spirit is telling me that you must do this.

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