Demolishing Strongholds

Demolishing Strongholds

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What are Strongholds that need to be demolished according to 2 Corinthians 10:5? How to Defeat a Stronghold of the Mind – The Mind-Body Connection

Strongholds are formed with our five senses (see, rear, feel, smell and taste) and are processed through thoughts and also processed through reactions. Unfortunately, we have been programmed by negative situations in life that created negative reactions and they have to be pulled down and it can be done through the word of God.

Example: a young girl is molested sexually by either a father or brother – the lies that become the walls of the stronghold: “I am a slut – always have been and always will be. Also there is usually with it feelings of shame and guilt. You feel responsible no matter how it happened.

When truths threaten one of those walls of deception, the centre of control within the stronghold quickly reinforces the weak spot with more lies and false feelings, trying to counter that bit of truth lest it break the walls and set the person free. This is the setup by the enemy called strongholds. The enemy has made residence and built walls around you, your heart and your mind.

The function of an individual metal stronghold is to keep the person from thinking effectively, or feeling repentant, or repaying in ways that would defeat it as one of the fortresses of the ruling center of flesh within the person.

A stronghold is like an infected root on the brain of twisted feelings and thoughts opposite of what God’s word says. These are belief systems opposing God’s truth. It sends pain and sickness throughout the body of personality and character. The Lord’s persistent love is needed to draw it to a head through his word which the word literally washing the mind by renewing the mind with truth. The Word of God actually counteracts the lie the enemy has programmed you with.

One the ruling centre has been broken or extracted by renewing your mind with truth with the Word of God, then its lies can be dismantled one by one on the Cross of Jesus Christ.

A spirit of Fear is the primary weapon of strongholds, fear of man, fear of tomorrow, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of not having enough, and much more. The bible says “Fear Not” over 365 times. We fear letting go and trusting the goodness of God. Many times we have not had loving fathers and so it is hard to trust a loving God. When things go bad, the enemy accuses the living Lord in our thoughts to get us to believe the lie that God really or truly does not love us. Many times there is a spirit of doubt and unbelief working against our mind to keep us from believing God’s word and truth that he truly loves us. It is easy to see how demons use strongholds. They establish and maintain control in our thoughts. Let me ask you, where does thoughts come from? Are they all yours or doesn’t the enemy throw thoughts at us and we believe them?

The primary weapon against fear is 1 John 4:18 “perfect love cast out fear…” His love cast out fear. Love begins the battle against the stronghold of thinking. Love enables us to see the truth. Love hurls truth over the walls of self-deception.

To set people free, it is not enough to bind the strongman and cast him out according to Luke 4:18-21. The power of the stronghold must be broken before his house can be plundered. It takes recognizing it, taking responsibility, repenting for believing the lie and renouncing it and then it can be removed. But a person or Christian must fill his mind with truth to keep the stronghold from forming again. This might entail finding a deliverance ministry.

According to Luke 4:18 the enemy is going to visit you again when he is removed from you. It feels his misery when outside of you and wants to rehabitate you again. A christian must fill his house with truth. Otherwise, the demon or stronghold will come back with 7 more and you will be worse than before.

You can discern when a stronghold finally loses its hold. Your thinking is different and lined up with more of truth than the lie of the enemy.

Counter Attacks – How to demolish strongholds

Strongholds and strongman counterattack. So we must not abandon the battle before the time that the healing has been settled.

We need to be surrounded by the family of God with a fortress of love and prayer. Family members many times might be church families if your immediate family is not saved or are abusive.

Memorize the word of God

Praise music with thanksgiving to thank the Lord daily

Keeping specific scriptures to access when in attack

Walking in Victory is Possible

by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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