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Distortion of God’s Love Leads to Problems

Whenever we don’t understand the Gospel in what God did for us through Jesus, our relationship with God is distorted.

We should not look at salvation is a way to escape hell. It should be looked at for a relationship with God through Jesus. When we look at salvation as a free ticket to Heaven results are as follows:

• Continuing to live independently of God
• Neglecting the relationship He wants us to enjoy now; and
• Looking to life’s circumstances and others for our happiness.

Living dependent on God

Isaiah 11:1-5

Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, And a branch from his roots will bear fruit. And the Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him, The spirit of wisdom and understanding, The spirit of counsel and strength, The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. And He will delight in the fear of the LORD, And He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear; But with righteousness He will judge the poor, And decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth; And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked. Also righteousness will be the belt about His loins, And faithfulness the belt about His waist. (Isaiah 11:1-5, NASB).

As we depend upon the Spirit of God,
He effectively leads us closer to Himself
and makes our lives more fruitful.


To make us more conscious of God’s will and increasingly dependent upon the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

We look to God in faith, as totally dependent on him. We are not self-sufficient. We trust him to provide our needs and guide us in life. We have day-to-day security, knowing that an all-powerful God is looking out for us. He knows our needs better than we know our needs, whether for daily bread or for emergency assistance. We do not need to worry, because Dad will take care of us.

We have confidence and courage. We can preach with boldness, without fear of persecution. Even though we may be killed, we do not fear, for we have a Dad no one can take away from us.

We can face our trials with optimism. We know that our Dad allows difficulties to discipline us so we will be better in the long run (Hebrews 12:5-11). We are confident that he is working in our lives, that he will not disown us.

The key is how much do we yield our lives to the wonderful Spirit of God. After all, all our lives we have been trained to live with our eyes, ears and minds.

When a person is Spirit–dependent, he will live life differently. He lives in communion with the Father, knowing his identityis in God and not man. How many perform for man to get your needs met but never does.
Second, living dependent, is an awesome experience of feeling loved, His presence of love, knowing you are protected by hearing his voice and also Him sharing the most intimate things with you.

When there is distorted views of God’s love, this still drives you to be independent from God and in performance to man. When God loves and accepts you for who you are.

When you believe what really took place on the cross for you, it changes (transforms you) to a higher life of peace and joy experiencing God. You know you can trust Him in all circumstances and won’t give into the lies of the enemy when things do go wrong. God strengthens you during hard times.

By: Traci Morin
Touch of God Healing Ministries (a healing and deliverance ministry located in Dallas, Texas)

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