Discovering the Root Of Our Problem

Root Problem – Renewing the Mind

What Blocks You From Trusting God

God’s Word Reveals the Root of Our Problems
Romans 1:25 For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator.
Scripture gives us God’s viewpoint of life; therefore, we need to:
  • Learn to address life’s problems and issues from God’s Word
  • Recognize that the bible addresses not only our behaviors, but also our thoughts and beliefs
  • from Scripture, develop correct beliefs about God, self, life and others
  • learn to think as God thinks.

A lie believed as truth will affect your life as if it were true – even though it is a lie.

A belief that… please check what is true

  • Money provides security and happiness ____  results in: workaholism, materialism, greed, dishonesty, stealing
  • To be happy I must be married ____ results in: unrealistic expectations of spouse or friend, unhappiness being single, discontentment with spouse, divorce if unhappy
  • I am the way I am; I can’t change ____ results in: feelings of shame, guilt, hopelessness, inferiority, passivity, loss of creativity
  • Failure deserves to be punished ____ results in: criticalness, judgementalism, self-destructive behavior, fear of failure, procrastination, unwillingness to take risks, fear of punishment
  • The more I do for God, the more He will love and bless me ____ results in: legalistic religious activity, serving God to earn his acceptance, spiritual burnout, feeling unacceptable to God, self-righteousness, spiritual pride
  • My worth is determined by what I do and what other’s think of me ____ results in: driven to succeed, competitive high achiever, comparing self with others, pride – feeling unworthy.
Do you see some patterns about your behavior from wrong beliefs that are opposite of God?
God created us as believing beings.  A belief is an assumption we hold to be true.  We get these beliefs in what we perceive as truth, the lies the enemy (Satan) told you, what others have said (parents, family, school and peers) all have influenced what you believe.  Then develop basic life beliefs about:
  •  who we are
  • whom we can trust
  • what is good or bad
  • what we are worth
  • what our purpose in life is and
  • what God is like
What we belief causes us to process certain information and block other information.  Like a filter, our beliefs causes us to not see the truth and causes a person to go into reaction instead of action.

Not only this, it also affects our relationship with the Lord especially how your earthly father treated you.


  1. What problem(s) do you want God to change or resolve in your life?
  2. How is this problem affecting you emotionally?

Examples of common negative thoughts might be – these are based on a Spirit of fear.
Symptoms of fear

  • Fear about the quality of your performance or of problems that may interfere with it;
  • Worry about how the audience or the press may react to you;
  • Worries about how you appear to others, for example, important people – fear of man;
  • A preoccupation with the symptoms of stress;
  • Dwelling on the negative consequences of a poor performance;
  • Self-criticism over less than perfect rehearsal and practice, or
  • Feelings of inadequacy.

List of Negative Thoughts: Check to see if any apply to you.  Think about who made you feel this way, why you think this way and find scriptures to counteract these negative thoughts.

1. I feel like I’m up against the world ____

2. I’m no good ____
3. What can’t I ever succeed? ____
4. No one understands me ____
5. I’ve let people down ____
6. I don’t think I can go on ____
7. I wish I were a better person ____
8. I’m so weak ____
9. My life’s not going the way I want it to ____
10. I’m so disappointed in myself ____
11. Nothing feels good anymore ____
12. I can’t stand this anymore ____
13. I can’t get started ____
14. What’s wrong with me? ____
15. I wish I were somewhere else ____
16. I can’t get things together ____
17. I hate myself ____
18. I’m worthless ____
19. I wish I could just disappear ____
20. What’s the matter with me? ____
21. I’m a loser ____
22. My life is a mess _____.
23. I’m a failure _____
24. I’ll never make it ____
25. I feel so helpless ____
26. Something has to change ____
27. There must be something wrong with me ____
28. My future is bleak ____
29. It’s just not worth it ____
30. I can’t finish anything ___

By: Traci Morin
Touch of God Healing Ministries (a healing and deliverance ministry located in Dallas, Texas)

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