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Martial Arts

Martial Arts and meditation.

When someone training in Martial Arts, the practitioner become one with ‘god’ or ‘the absolute’ of time and space are transcended until finally that stage is reached which other religions refer to as salvation, liberation or complete enlightenment through emptying one’s mind.

Christians must not participate in this type of meditation. In Josh. 1:8; Ps. 1:2 scriptures defines meditation in terms of the believer objectively contemplating and reflecting on God and His Word. Deut 18:11, Gal. 5:20.

Second reason Christians not to participate in this type of meditation is because the goal of transforming one’s state of mind into monastic (all is one), if not outright pantheistic (all is God) which is a direct contradiction of God’s word. Is. 44:6-8, Heb 2:6-8.

Third, this type of meditation takes a person to altered state of consciousness can open one up to spiritual affliction and deception by powers of darkness.

Many times you will hear Martial Arts on vegan diets which is connected with their view of incarnation.

Many martial arts practitioners practice yoga techniques “the emptying of the mind” bringing about a feeling of union with the universe. The word “yoga” means “yoking” or “union”. Purpose he is at one with God or is God because God is in everything. This opens a person up to demonic influences. Satan lied to Eve in the Garden “you will be like gods. Matthew 11:29-30.

The breathing is for purification, and the correct breathing called “chi” another called “embryonic breath”. The purpose is to balance the body – Yin and Yang. The chi is the inner power as yin and yang is balanced.

The 5 element theory is connected to earth, metal, fire, wood and water – constantly moving cycle. The purpose for all this is emptiness and nothingness to be more flexible, stronger and controlled. The person is supposedly able to react instantaneously to any attack without hesitation through pure vital energy flow – chi.

The practitioner of Martial Arts works on both meditation, breathing techniques, the stronger becomes the chi (or ki) power. Chi or ki is a super-power willfully stirred up and practiced; to be tapped into and used when so desired.

Chi or ki power borders between ordinary magic, psychic power and the power of the gods themselves. In reality, it is demonic powers. These powers are rooted in Eastern religion and philosophy.

The chi or ki power is dangerous and is totally demonic and allows the advanced student to take blows and kicks that would normally be beyond human beings without serious damage to their bodies.

The problem with chi or ki powers is that the power can surface very suddenly and violently in every-day life. An unprovoked verbal attack can stir up the chi or ki power and the participant cannot control it.

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