Masonic Renunciation Prayer

Breaking Masonic Curses

Second Degree

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Renounce The Oaths taken – curses on the heart and chest.

Renounce the secret words of SHIBOLETH & JACHIN – Shiboleth’s meaning: An ear of corn; a test word; a watchword; slogan. A word used by followers of Jephthah to test certain of the Ephraimites who sought to escape across the Jordan after having refused to fight in the armies of Israel was Shibboleth. Because of their Ephraimite dialect, they pronounced it Sibboleth. Jachin’s meaning: He doth establish. Comes from two Hebrew words meaning “God will establish.” Jachin is a combination of two words, Jah, the poetical name of Jehovah, and iachin, meaning establishment. The full significance of the name is, therefore, “With God’s help to establish,” the symbolical meaning given to in the work of Freemasonry. The two great pillars of Solomon’s Temple supporting the Great Porch, known as Solomon’s Porch, were called Boaz and Jachin, Jachin being the right hand pillar .

  • cut off emotional hardness,
  • apathy,
  • indifference,
  • unbelief, and all anger, especially deep anger, from myself and my family
  • a spirit of cruelty

Pray for the healing of all areas mentioned in this degree, including, but not limited to, the chest, lungs and heart area. Also pray for the healing of my emotions, and ask to be made sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God.

Third Degree

Renounce Oaths taken – curses on the stomach and womb area


Renounce the cable tow – cable tow is a rope or line for drawing or leading. A compound word of Masonic coinage combining cable (a rope) and tow (a rope for pulling). Symbolically, it represents the covenant by which all Masons are bound; the tie by which the candidate is bound to his brethren; and can control its candidate.

Renounce Spirit of death from the blows to the head. Meaning: The Masonic idea of death is accompanied with no gloom, because it is represented on as physical sleep for an unknown period of time, from which there will be an awakening of the body and a resurrection of a spiritual body capable and fitted for eternal life. From beginning to end, the rituals of Freemasonry teach and symbolize the doctrine of man’s immortality and repudiate every iota of the doctrine of annihilation at death. In Masonic philosophy, death is the symbol of initiation completed, in which the resurrection of the body will be its final consummation.

• enacted as ritual murder, • the fear of death, • false martyrdom, • fear of violent gang attack, • assault, or rape, and • the helplessness

Renounce the falling into the coffin – coffin, involved in the ritual of murder.

Renounce the false resurrection – mockery of Jesus Resurrection. Meaning: From the beginning, Freemasonry has been built on two cardinal beliefs: A belief in God, and a belief in a Resurrection to a future life. This later belief assumes faith in the immortality of man in his soul or spirit life, and recognizes the need of Redemption or Salvation from sin through Divine Grace. Throughout the rituals and symbolisms of Freemasonry, and in all of its mythical teachings and legends, belief in these truths is exemplified and demanded.

Renounce the blasphemous kissing of the Bible – blasphomy

Effects of the curse from 3rd Degree: It effects the stomach, gall bladder, womb, liver and other organs.

Pray to cut off all spirits of death, witchcraft, and deception. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the healing of all those parts affected by this degree, including, but not limited to, the stomach, gall bladder, womb, liver, and other organs.

Pray to release of compassion and understanding over yourself and your family.

Holy Royal Arch Degree

Renounce and forsake the oaths taken and the curses involved in the Holy Royal Arch Degree especially the especially the oath regarding the removal of the head from the body and the exposing of the brains to the hot sun.

Renounce the Mark Lodge, and the Mark in the form of squares and angles which marks the person for life.

Renounce and reject the jewel or talisman which may have been made from this mark sign and worn at lodge meetings

Renounce the passwords leading to the Holy Royal Arch Degree, especially the blasphemous use of the Hebrew words by which God is sometimes known, namely AMA RU AMAH, meaning “I AM THAT I AM”.

Renounce the false composite secret name of God, JAHBULON and all that these secret words mean in Freemasonry.

Renounce the false communion or Eucharist taken in this degree, and all the mockery, scepticism and unbelief about the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

Break the effects of these curses: cut off all these curses and their effects on the body and mind, including, but not limited to, the head, brain, neck and other areas, from myself and my family.

by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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