Messianic Passover Spring Feast

Messiah in Passover


The Passover, is one of the feasts that takes place in the spring and has been fulfilled by Jesus.

The Passover looks back at the delivery of the Jewish people from the power of Pharaoh just as communion looks back at our delivery from the power of sin.

Jesus had a triumphal entry into Jerusalum which He will do again when he returns.

When Jesus, the Messiah, enters into Jerusalem, he enters as the King, riding on a donkey (usually ridden by a king).  Jesus identified himself with the Passover sacrifice (John 12:9-19). His entry fulfilled prophecy but also a future prophecy.

Passover Observance:

Passover ObservanceMessanic Passover Observance
Passover ObservanceMessanic Passover Observance
The lamb was without blemishJesus was examined and found without blemish (Mat. 21:23; 27:1-2; 11-14; 17:26; Luke 3:2 John 11:49-53)
The lamb was a male of the first yearJesus entered Jerusalem and the temple on public display for four days on the tenth of Nisan.
The penalty was imposed the moment the lamb was chosen.Christ received the death penalty for our sins before He was born.
The lamb was killed between the evening at 3 p.m.Jesus died int he seventh hour, 3 p.m. (Mark 15:33-37).
The lamb's bones were not broken (Ex. 12:46, Numb. 9:12)Jesus' bones were not broken (Ps. 34:20; John 19:31).
The blood of the lamb applied to the door saved the Israelites' firstborn.The blood of Christ saves us.
The body of the lamb must be eaten the same night (Ex. 12:8)Jesus was crucified, suffered, and died in the same night.
No work was to be done on the Passover. The Israelites could not save themselves. Even if they should have spent allt he night in pryaser, the destroying angel would have broken in upon them and slain their first-born if the blood was not on the door.The blood of Jesus saves us, not our works (1 Peter 1:18-21).

The Mishnah. The First Cup, also known as the Cup of Blessing (Luke 22:17); to the breaking of the matzoh (Luke 22:19); to the Third Cup, the Cup of Redemption (Luke 22:20): to reclining (Luke 22:14): to the charoseth or the maror (Matthew 26:23), and to the Hallel (Matthew 26:30).

When we will drink the fourth cup with the Lord Jesus… it’s going to be a grand meal, and it is called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

Video of the Messianic Passover

Jesus (Yeshua) and His 12 disciples were celebrating was His last PASSOVER meal that He shared with them before his death, burial, and resurrection. This was actually a “memorial” meal as the rest of Israel would sacrifice their Passover lambs the following evening, the 14th of Nisan, consistent with when Jesus was being offered up on the cross.

On the day of passover, the High Priest examined the sheep to make sure it was without spot just like Jesus was examined by the high Priest and Roman Government.  So, when Jesus was slaughtered as the Passover lamb of Israel, the High Priest were also slaughtering the passover lambs the same time the Christ, representing The Passover Lame of the World was slain and cried “It is Finished”.

According to the Scripture, the veil of the temple where the Holy of Holies separated the glory of God from the fallen humanity was SPLIT in two, from top to bottom.  Jesus our Paschal Lamb has been sacrificed!!  The sacrifice has been paid… now purge the leaven … purge all known sin from your life… remove the idols from your household… prepare your home and family for the PRESENCE of the Lord!  The veil has been torn.. the glory of the Lord is awaiting a resting place in the hearts of all humanity!

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