Renunciation Prayer Martial Arts

Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Prayer to Renounce Martial Arts

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I renounce the two roots of karate, namely the Chinese Martial Arts (including Kung Fu) and the Okinawese Martial arts.

I renounce Bhodidharma (An Indian Zen Buddhist), who developed the main theory concerning the Eastern Martial arts.

I renounce any link with the Shaolin-Temple, from where karate originated and was developed.

I renounce BUDDHA as well as any form of worship / honour to him. I confess it as the sin of idolatry and ask for forgiveness in the Name of Jesus.

I renounce the teachings of ZEN (Find “God” in yourself / Find “Enlightment” from within) and every KHATHA used as an aid for meditation. (KHATHA – series of exercises in a specific format)

I renounce every discipline of the mind, in order to allow my mind to become my master as well as the faith I had in myself in the Name of Jesus.

I renounce the teachings of TAOISM, stating that there is a supernatural energy that gives life to everything and maintains that life.

I renounce this “KI” energy as well as every “KIAI” I shouted in order to activate this energy, so as to ensure a better result in the specific technique used.

I renounce FUNAKOSHI (The “father” of karate) who developed karate so that ZEN can practically become a manner of life.

I renounce the doctrine of karate that states “the way of the empty mind” through the exercising of the body and mind, until I obtain a new level of consciousness.

I renounce every form of meditation, namely:

MUKOSO (Pay attention to the different positions, e.g. LOTUS)

Meditation through normal exercising sessions (“Moving ZEW”)

Meditation through the repetition of the basic principles of karate.

I renounce the purpose of karate, namely:

The construction of a better inner character.

The removal of any egocentricity.

The Discipline of the mind and body.

Through meditation (“Moving Zen”)

That the student must overcome himself, empty himself of his own ego and thus develop a Zen-way of thinking.

In the Name of Jesus, I break every OATH I made.

I renounce my faith in karate as one of the MANY WAYS that leads to life, and that I accepted it as A WAY OF LIFE through my earnest dedication.

I confess that Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE and that no one goes to the Father, except through Him.

I confess that I serve only ONE God, and admit that I bowed down before other gods (including self-exaltation). I ask for forgiveness, in the Name of Jesus.

I renounce every Khatha, every kick and every war-cry I used to summon demons, in order to use their power. I confess it as a sin, and lay it down in the Name of Jesus.

I renounce every special weapon, including Chaka-sticks that I used, and lay it down in the Name of Jesus. Any marks I received during fights, I ask you Lord, to remove them in the Name of Jesus.

I ask that you will sever the soul tie between my master and me (Sen-Sei – name is important) and that you will break any control over my mind that he has in the Name of Jesus.

I give all warring ranks that I received back to Satan, in Name of Jesus (also any special awards / Honoree titles).

(Ranks are given according to colour-belts: White, Yellow, Brown, Black.

First to seventh Dan – this level: floating master with status in Japan) I renounce all pride and self-exaltation that worked through me, as well as any belief in invincibility.

I renounce any spirits of self destruction, destruction, murder and death, in the Name of Jesus.


In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I bind the spirits of Pride, Self-exaltation, Religious spirits, Anti-Christ, False Christ, Judgment, Anorexia, Self-rejection / Destruction, Torture, Serious Depression, Despair, Suicidal Tendencies, Pain in Bones (whole body), Back Pain, Intense Headaches, Bondage on the Mind, Hopelessness, Intense feelings of guilt, Self-judgment.

I break its powers and command these spirits to come up and come out of me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I cut all soul ties and break all agreements with my master/s in the Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth. I also break all covenants with the spirit of death and suicide.

I repent and renounce and cut loose from Mars, the Roman god of war, the Principality over all the Martial Arts.

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