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Contemplative Prayer, Is It Biblical? Video

Video comes from Youtube Is It Really Prayer! New Age In the Church Many Christians and mainline churches are doing this Hindu and New Age Practice without realizing it. Contemplative Spirituality is really a practice of Transcendental Meditation. This practice … Continue reading

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Ekstasis Worship Video

“Ekstasis” Worship Dancing of Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga, Mystical Experiances and Club Mysterio Today’s church is becoming a modern New Age Supermarket where pleasurable and hedonistic “god experiences” are handed out like fresh fruit. We must examine the fruit they say- … Continue reading

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What is Biofeedback

New Age Medicine What is Biofeedback Therapy Biofeedback — A technique in which brain waves are monitored to bring normally unconscious, involuntary bodily functions under conscious, voluntary control. Biofeedback can lead to altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences. Biofeedback … Continue reading

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