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Broken Heart Negative Thoughts DNA Changed

Negative Thoughts Changes DNA – Part 4 Free: Two Half-Day Spiritual Warfare Dallas/Fort Worth Deliverance Ministry Conference!   DNA on the inside. If you have been repeatedly verbally abused by someone at work, or if you were sexually abused as … Continue reading

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Freemasonry – Behind Closed Doors

See the Initiation Ceremonies of the First Three Levels of Freemasonry Video is from another source to expose the truth about Freemasonry. Many are involved and have no clue. What goes on behind the closed doors of the masonic lodge? … Continue reading

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The Secret – Exposed: Healing Deliverance Ministry

“The Secret” is an evil occult indoctrination tool! “The Secret” teaches mankind can change reality simply by thinking differnt thoughts! This is true to a degree, but it is NOT true that man is a god & controls every circumstance … Continue reading

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