What is Drivenness

What is Drivenness to Perfectionism

Drivenness is a symptom of anxiety and fear and being very task oriented in everything they do.
Workaholic – defined as an addiction involving an uncontrollable need or compulsion to work continuously. A person who cannot rest without their minds thinking of something to do. It is defined as an addictive compulsion to work or anything else they do.  The world cause it Type A Personality.
People who are driven are workaholics who focus is primarily on their “career self” for “self-validation”, while ignoring other important aspects of self. There is a reason for this behavior.  Self-validation from work or a need to find acceptance by being driven to suceed to find worth.  It is usually caused by lack of development in how to relate to others.  Also, it develops who grew up in a conditional loved home.

Characteristics of a driven person:

  • Competitive
  • Likes to be in control
  • Often a perfectionist
  • Traits sometimes at odds. The person might say: I’m tidy in some areas of my life, messy in others. I’m conscientious about some things, but negligent about others. I appear to be confident, but I feel insecure.
  • Often will set difficult goals and unrealistic expectations for himself, making himself vulnerable to feelings of guilt and failure.
  • Allow me to pause on that trait for a moment. Some years ago I recognized that a number of us.
  • that fear – in an effort to accomplish the project.
  • Does not relax easily.
  • Acts compulsively, checking and rechecking just one more time to see if the oven is off; driving back home to see if the curling iron is still plugged in.
  • Worries too much. Worry, worry, worry.
  • Emotionally in control on the surface, but irritable and angry when things don’t go their way.
  • Conflicted when unable to do something perfectly. For some, if they cannot do something perfectly, they choose to let it go completely, not attempting to do it at all, like a student who either makes an A or an F.

Drivenness Can Wreck Health

Overwork and workaholism may cause physical symptoms such as: stomach issues, chest pain, high blood pressure, neurotic defenses, and even death because workaholics may feel too busy to take care of their health needs.  Emotional symptoms: depression, anxiety, perfectionism, self-defeating feelings and behaviors, and anger, as well as stress and burnout.  Type A personality has to be in control and does not allow error from themselves or others.

Interpersonal Sensitivity

He or she is often impatient with others, hurries them along, is frequently irritated, works harder and longer, and lacks time for eating, hair cuts, social amenities, and so on.  Type A behavior may also reflect a lack of interpersonal perceptiveness or sensitivity.

Why Are People Driven?

‘Salvation by works’ is a false gospel.  I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and areturning to a different gospel – which is really nogospel at all.’ Galatians 1:6

Those who grew up in environments where “well done” was never heard.
When such acceptance and affirmation is lacking, it is by no means unusual for the respect-starved person to conclude that more work, greater accumulation of symbols of success or worldly praise will finally convince some significant person (a parent, for example) who has withheld approval to finally say, “Son (Daughter), you are not a bum after all. I’m terribly proud to be your father.”

Another source of drivenness is an early experience of serious deprivation or shame. Did you know an enormous number of world political leaders have been orphans.

Behind their great drive for power may be the simple need for love.

Driven people can also come from backgrounds in which there has been a sense of great shame or embarrassment or some people are simply raised in an environment where drivenness is a way of life.

Driven people will never enjoy the tranquillity of an ordered private world – they are not able to. Their prime targets are all external, material and measurable. Nothing else seems real; nothing else makes much sense.

How about being driven toward a superior Christian reputation, toward a desire for some dramatic spiritual experience or toward a form of leadership that is really more a quest for domination of people than servanthood.

Many times they cannot accept God’s love without works.

Type A Personality Driven by Perfectionism Have the Following Fears and unconscious need to feel in control – of themselves, of others, and of life’s risks.  These include:

  • a fear of making errors
  • a fear of making a wrong decision or choice
  • a strong devotion to work
  • a need for order or firmly established routine
  • frugality
  • a need to know and follow the rules
  • emotional guardedness
  • a tendency to be stubborn or oppositional
  • a heightened sensitivity to being pressured or controlled by others
  • an inclination to worry, ruminate, or doubt
  • a need to be above criticism – moral, professional, or personal
  • cautiousness
  • a chronic inner pressure to use every minute productively


How To Deal With Drivenness!

A person needs to see why they are driven to the point of neglecting their health.  They also need to recognize their inner thought pattern coming out of the spirit of fear.  Not only that, but see To one’s own motives and values but see who they are in Christ and come to terms they are loved by God. Did you know a driven person is never satisfied in their walk with God?

Can you do that or do you hear an inner voice not allowing you to be satisfied at your works?

A driven person will have to grant forgiveness to some of those who in the past never offered the proper kind of affection and affirmation. And all of that may be just the beginning.

Paul the apostle was driven to fulfill the law before he became a Christian. As a driven man, he studied, he joined, he attained, he defended, and he was applauded.

If you are driven, is it worth it working all those hours?  Do you find it hard when you do a good job and get praise, your inner thoughts tell you it could have been done better!  Are you tired and ready for a change?  Ready to stop the spirit of fear to drive you to your death?

Spirits Driving the Obsession of Drivenness and Perfectionism:

  • Spirit of fear
  • Insecurity
  • Worthlessness
  • Obsession
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Being Wrong
  • feelings of inadequacy and shame

It is Time to Be Spirit Led

Rather than promoting drivenness to justify the need to be perfect, the Christian way is to be led by the Spirit. The verse: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect,” (Matt 5:48) is sometimes used to justify perfectionism.

Prayer to renounce “Drivenness & Perfectionism”

Lord, I renounce the lie that my self worth is dependent upon my ability to perform.  I announce the truth that my identity and sense of worth is found in who I am as Your child.

I renounce seeking the approval and acceptance of other people, and I choose to believe that I am already approved and accepted in Christ because of His death and resurrection for me.

I choose to believe the truth that I have been saved, not by deeds or works done in righteousness, but according to your mercy.

I choose to believe that I am no longer under the curse of the law because Christ became a curse for me. I receive the free gift of life in Christ and choose to abide in Him. I renounce striving for perfection by living under the law.

By Your grace, Heavenly Father, I choose from this day forward to walk by faith in the power of Your Holy Spirit according to what you have said is true. In Jesus’ name.


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