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What is Wrong With Reiki

Reiki is nothing more than a part of the Buddha religion and can be put under the general category of the New Age movement. You cannot say you practicing a Christian form of reiki. As you can see from the information that follows, reiki is permeated with eastern mysticism and new age jargon. It has nothing to do with the biblical gift of discernment.

What is Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese name for the universal life force (which is a demonic spirit), also known as Ki or Chi, the supposed subtle energy that enlivens all beings. The word is composed of two Japanese characters. Rei can translated with ‘universe.” Ki means life-energy or light in the sense of information. The two characters together express the coming together of divine force and the human being, or the unification of body and soul.”

In order for Reiki to work it must be attuned. This is a short ceremony in which the reiki master/teacher acts as a channel to lift up a person’s spiritual frequency, which supposedly opens one up to the universal life energy (demon spirit). During this process something magical is happening on the spiritual, non-physical plane. The process is similar to the Tibetan Buddhist empowerment practice.

The Reiki energy enters the body of the master/teacher at the charka at the base of the skull, just above the neck. Through this charka the divine cosmic energy streams through and connects with our physical existence. A connecting between heaven and earth is made through emerald green colored energy. As a result the first etheric layer of both the initiator and the one who gets initiated become one. This first etheric layer is our eggshell; it can be seen as a thin grey line against a white background. Opening our eggshell means that you truly open up for the other person, no longer holding back or defending yourself, or regarding yourself as a separate being. During this process the reiki energy rolls in like waves from the skull charka of the master into both auric fields.

The universal life energy (demonic spirit) first enters the energy system of the healer who passes in on, usually with the hands, to the healed. Only through Jesus Christ of Nazareth can a person receive true healing.  In the physical body this energy travels through the brains and nervous system. In our energetical bodies it travels through the charkas, meridians and the central channel along the spine.

Yes, Satan also heals but it is not permanent and the symptoms come back differently deceiving you to go deeper into the New Age Movement.

Reiki is an unknown in origins, total quantity and ways of workings of the life-energy are. It cannot be defined more clearly than stating that it comes from Source, god/goodness, spirit, or the Force – The new agers do not know that there is good and evil and evil can act good (demonic spirits) It is an important connection with divinity.

One is best prepared to do reiki by doing meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices.  That is to empty the mind – become passive.  The Word of God through the book of Joshua says to meditate with the word of God.  Having our minds not be passive but engaged in the Word of God.

In order to do reiki at its highest level you must go through three levels so that you can reach the highest level of vibration.

The healing method consists of meditation techniques, breathing exercises, spiritual cleansing, the reciting of spiritual poetry, the reiki principles, regular empowerments which gradually opened up the students for reiki (later on the attunements were introduced), hands on healing with several techniques, distance healing, use of breath and the eyes in healing, and the use of mantras and symbols in activating reiki.

Most of the time reiki will be experienced as warmth, as if a blanket of loving attention is put over you. But other sensations like coldness, tinkling, prickling, throbbing, shivering, emotional release, or memories popping up may happen.

Reiki has changed over the years as masters have channeled information from archangels, ascended masters or other high spiritual beings. These masters also claim to be attuned to stars and planets.  Our true God is Jesus Christ not ascended masters or spiritual beings known as demonic spirits.

“I highly recommend anyone looking into it to just stop. Prayer is very powerful, and is our direct link to God through Christ. If we petition directly for healing, it may come. If we have faith that it WILL come, our chances are far better. As with anything we are to test, does Reiki point either the practitioner or the client to Christ? No. Big no. It uses a Universal energy that is non-personal and can be manipulated. You can pray to God, to the Earth Mother, to Mother/Father God, etc. But it in fact leads you AWAY from Christ.

Side effects:  headache, menstrual cramps, emotional distress, bruises, whatever, goes away. But is God glorified? No way. Is self glorified? Yes. “If it is so good and right, why do practitioners go on to other things once they hit Master level? Always something else, something new, something you NEED to be a true master. Sound familiar? It is like everything else in this world, but Christ. There is no lasting peace, no connection with the universe, there is a big void in your soul that is not going away.

We all need Christ and don’t need to be fooling around with Universal energy, Reiki, or new age modalities.  Many who have been in Reiki, always had a void until they found Christ Jesus and He is the only one who can fill the void in life.  ! I told my wife when she questioned my stopping in my search for peace once I found Christ (she had followed my years of searching through New Age theologies, etc) that Jesus Christ filled the hole.

I have found many who have done Reiki had sensitivity to electricty such as lights.  Many, had issues with EI.  Some, who have been practitioners of Reiki, have balancing issues and other sensitivities and need to go through deliverance to become free.

How do you know if from God or not?  If it comes from another country and part of a religious practice apartment from Jesus Christ, it is a new age practice.

Bad Symptoms of Reiki

Deliverance Prayers to Break the symptoms of Reiki

by: Traci Morin
Ordained Minister of the Gospel
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