Why Do People Get Into the Occult

Many reasons why but many times out of lack of knowledge, generational sins of the forefathers etc. but here are some main reasons. Hosea 5:7

For knowledge and power are the main elements of the occult.

There is a need for meaning and direction in life

  • people are facinated by the unknown.  That secret knowledge that caused Adam and Eve to fall
  • All forms of the occult try to predict the future.

Someone very involved or dabbling in it is because of the obsession with power to dominate and control which comes out of fear of the unknown.

  • Man’s potention to rule the earth is distorted – in fact deceived by satan.  Nothing new and been going on since the beginning of time.
  • People try to dominate, manipulate and control others which is a form of matriaracle or patriarchle witchcraft, jezebel spirit.  It is fear of being out of control or controlled by someone else.
  • People try to exercise power over the gods.
  • Instead of subjecting themselves to God people look for other gods, spirit guides, that they could manipulate to make themselves powerful
  • It is deception of power, money and success promised by the dark world.

These people fall into it or go head in all the way because their is a vacuum in their lives and in the religous world.  The Church has denied the supernatural and they know it to be real.

Unfortunately, not all supernatural is from God.  That is not always the case.

There are many dimensions of the occult such as spiritualism, psychic powers, ESP, foretelling, magic, satanism, mysticm and so forth.

Unfortunately there are false Christs and false Holy Spirits in the occult which is now in the church deceiving many people.

The Word of God is very clear and lists the power guifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 but again their are counterfet gifts in the kingdom of darkness.

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