Wrestling with Sexual Demons in the Night?

Have you ever been attacked and Wrestling with Sexual Demons in the Night?

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These sexual demonic demons are called Incubus and Succubus.  Why the two names?

Incubus attack women and succubus attack men in the night hour.

The definitions came from Webster’s Dictionary.

Incubi – Demonic sexual attack on females; may be caused by sexual sins, witchcraft spells, curses of lust, inherited curses, can attack children.  It is an unclean spirit that defiles you in the night.

Succubi – demonic sexual attacks on males, may be caused by the same as Incubi above

These are evil spirits that have intercourse with people in the night while asleep and are generally dreaming, or in dreamlike/trancelike states.

These sexual spirits are tormenting and can feel as though you are being molested.  Most attacks are at night and the person its awakened by fondling hands, caressing hot lips and tongue, and other forms of lust inducing stimulation. Every kind of abnormal and deviate sexual experience can be generated by these evil spirits which are unclean spirits.

Why does this happen?

This happens because of an open door.

  • Masturbation;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Reading or watching pornography;
  • Internet sex;
  • Sex outside a marriage;
  • didn’t take control of sexual thoguhts; and
  • house being out of order*;

*When the house is out of order, there is confusion but not only that, the husband is the front man to stop the demonic and when the women steps in front of the husband, the house is out of order and out of God’s proper order according to Eph. 6.

Once you know what the open door is in your life to bring in sexual spirits or we could say unclean spirits that are causing this, then repent and renounce for yourself, for your generations on both sides of your family back 4 generations back. Cast out the unclean spirits, spirits of shame and guilt (tell the spirits they have no legal right because you have repented for them) that have come in through you or through your generations.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, then forgive the people that violated you, forgive yourself for participating even if you are innocent. It closes the door on accusation from the enemy on you. Also, make sure you are not mad at god for this happening.

Prov. 26:2 a curse causeless cannot come. That means if all doors are shut, then it has no legal right to you. If you have or your generations have opened the door and they have not repented for their sins, then it has legal right to bring torment. When renounced in your generations (generational curses), it should close the doors and breaking curses.

Prayer to Break the Sexual Demonic Spirits at Night!

Prayer, father God, I repent and renounce opening the door to sexual diviation outside of marriage regardless if on the computer, tv, books, sexual abuse, sexual partners out of marriage, etc.  I ask for your forgiveness and now I ask you to cleanse me with your blood. I forgive those who ever violated me from my heart and tear up the note against them.

Now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I come against all unclean sexual demons, incubus and succubus, unloving spirits, and command these spirits to come up and out of me now and go to dry places by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father God, cover me at night and protect me with your ministering angels according to Ps. 91.  Cover me with your pinions and hide me.

by: Traci Morin, Christian Public Speaker, Writer Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“Setting Captives Free from Disease and Deliverance and from Spiritual Oppression”

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